Saturday, April 18, 2009

Her story ...part 3

The next morning the sounds of little foot steps and giggling awoke her. She glanced at clock above her head over the couch, her eyes then traveled to the end of the couch where she had placed the little brown bear holding a heart, she smiled..recalling the night before.

The following weekend she wouldn't be able to see him, she was going home for the weekend at her parents request. Just as she was finally feeling happiness, they started feeling concerned about the new guy in her life. Asking tons of questions each time she called home. Her father insisting he meet the guy before any more dates. Not that she was going to listen to that, she thought to herself how would he even know. She dreaded the thought of him meeting her parents. She couldn't imagine how anyone who grew up like he did would react to her family. Worst yet how her family would react to him. Would he still look at her the same after seeing where she came from?

It was harvesting season on the farm, keeping him working late at the family farm. But they found time to spend together that week . Even if it was just sitting a lone in his truck out on a country road, talking till he could no longer keep his eyes open.
Thursday came to soon the last night before she would going home, unable to see him, unless... she brought him home to meet her family.
She waited and waited for him to call that night, hoping he would say what he always said, I am on my way over. When finally the phone rang a little after ten, she raced to the phone. "hello". his voice was at the other end "Hello there" she smiled within. "working later then usual?" she asked " Yeah, and I am not going to make it out tonight." Her heart sunk. "Can we get together over the weekend?" " I can't" she replied " I am going home this weekend." " okay why does that matter?" he asked her " It's my dad, he wants to meet you and if I try to go out with you while at home they are going to say no and not let me go."
A silent pause was followed by "okay, so when can I meet them?" she hesitated "maybe this weekend, can you come over on Saturday afternoon?" " yes" he replied. "Saturday call me, then come over okay?" he answered with a " I will." and they said their goodbyes for the night. She returned back to the couch and turned on the tv placing the brown bear on the table in front of her. Laid her head on her pillow and fell fast to sleep.

Her father picked her up early Friday afternoon, before they got half way home he asked" when am I going to meet this boy you been seeing?" "tomorrow if that okay" she said in a small nervous voice. "Well good it's about time." The rest of the drive home was silent.
That evening she spent most her time alone in her bedroom. Her brother was home on weekend leave from the service. So many of his friends where stopping by. They spent most of the weekend drinking in the garage. She spent most her time alone in her room.

Saturday after noon He called and said he would be over around 5 pm. That maybe if it was alright after meeting the family they could go out for a few hours to the pits to meet some friends. It sounded great but she knew that her dad would say no. She went and told her mom when he would be over. She could have never imagined what she would see when she went out to the porch to tell her dad. There he was with her brother drinking beer, and cleaning shot guns. "You got to be kidding me, do you have to do this now?" she said almost in the state of tears. "it's almost 5 pm, he will be here at 5 pm please put this stuff away!" Her brother and father laughed and continued laughing amongst themselves. She turned and ran back in the house ..yelling for her mother "Can't you do something about this!" as her tears started to flow. Her mother replying "what can I do? it will be okay, just calm down."
It was not going to be okay, this is not what she expected ..she expected him being lectured maybe her too but not this. How can they think this is funny. She was in a complete melt down phase when his red truck pulled into the drive way. She yelled "oh my God! he's here" as she ran to the door. She watched as he jumped down from the cab of his truck and slowly walk up the house ..She heard her father saying "hello there son, so your the one dating my daughter " followed by her brothers laughter. "Yes sir, my name is" his voice traveled off, she couldn't hear what they where no longer saying. So she opened the door and went out on the pouch. "Hi there" he said, looking relieved she was there. "hi" before she could say another word her father said "why don't you go in the house and grab me a beer, grab your friend one here too he looks old enough" She turned and smiled at him mouthing the words "I'll be right back." he looked nervous as she went back into the house, grabbing a few beers and returning to the porch . When she returned he was sitting on a lawn chair on the porch with her father and brother. He looked a bit less nervous by that time, she handing them each a beer. Grabbed a chair and sat next to him, while her father asked about his family and their farm. "have they met my daughter yet?" her father asked him. "No sir , not yet I am hoping maybe she could come to dinner with my family on Sunday." her gaze went to her father face to judge his reaction. " I think that would be fine, if they even want to meet her that is." He looked puzzled by the statement, but responded " They can't wait to met her." Her father laughed "Well we shall see what they think of her."and laughed again. She smiled an uncomfortable smile at him, he smiled back.
They sat and talked for about two hours when she thought it was time to ask her dad about going out after "Dad would it be okay if I go out for a little while? I wont stay out long."
"Not tonight , you can see your boy friend tomorrow when u met his family, It's getting late and you been running the streets enough living in town." in a small voice she said "okay" He said his good nights to her family and she walked him to his truck. He opened his door and jumped in leaving the door open where she could stand and talk for a few moments. He reached out and took her hand, holding it in his. " well least they didn't shoot me" he laughed and squeezed her hand. " I'm so sorry ..I had no idea they would do something like that." he laughed said "well we are even for my brothers little joke" with a wink.
She laughed for the first time all night " I wish I could go" he squeezed her hand "we will spend time together tomorrow." they said good night and he pulled out of the drive. She walked in the house. Her father still sitting on the porch " that boy to good for you" he said in his nasty voice. All she could say was "probably dad, good night" and she went to room and cried herself to sleep.

The following morning she spent her time alone in her room, waiting for the phone to ring. He would call after the family returned from church and then come pick her up to have dinner with his family. She had no idea what to expect. Her family didn't have many dinner's together, accept at Christmas. He called around a quarter to one and would be picking her up soon. She finished getting ready, packing her bag with her clothes she will need for the week to come. He would drop her back off after in town so she could baby sit the following morning, it was easier then Jenny coming out to get her early in the morning.
His truck pulled into the drive way around one thirty. She watched as he jumped down out of his truck dressed in nice black pants and a blue dress shirt that brought out the blue of his eyes. She opened the door before he could knock. "hello" she said, with a big smile. He smiled back "hello there." He came into the house saying hello to her father and mother. She grabbed her bag from her room and said Good bye to her parents "talk to you early next week." her father giving her a look .."what do you mean, your not coming back tonight?" "No dad I have to watch the kids early tomorrow morning" she reminded him... "Then how do I know your not with this boy all night?" he stated. She just stood there then said "okay dad what do you want me to do?" "he drops you back here after and I will drive you to Jenny's in the morning." She looked at her mother who didn't say a word. "Okay dad I'll let Jenny know, I'll be back in a couple hours then she looked at him and said "We should go."

By the time she reached the truck she couldn't hold back her tears. He opened the door for her and she jumped into the cab. He walked around got in, closed the door "Are you alright?" he asked her. " I am sorry about my dad..she said while looking out the side window. "It's okay" he ensured her. He reached out and took her hand "hey look at me" she turned her eye's meeting his.."don't worry it's okay" he repeated. She tried to put a smile on her face. He started the engine and she flipped down the visor and wiped her tears that where still running down her cheeks. He pulled out of her drive way and they headed to his parents house.
The ride there was a silent one she was so nervous about it all and then her father acting as he did.She had a hard time shaking the feelings, the way her had father treated her in front of him. She was used to his rude comments, his hurtful words. But what must he of thought, she tried to push it all out of her mind.

They pulled into his families driveway, there was four other trucks in the driveway. They parked and walked up to the house holding hands. The house was really nice compared to her own. A large white ranch style home with a long driveway that curved back behind the house to the large barns and grain silo. The house was surrounded by farm land. He took her hand and lead her into the house.Inside the house was his brothers that she knew. His father sitting in his recliner reading the paper.He introduced her to his father, he put the paper down on his lap and said "hello..nice to meet you" she smiled and slipped off her shoes, seeing that he did. His mother came out of the kitchen, she looked up to see a large kitchen table already set and ready for dinner.."I am sorry we ran late getting back ..I hope we didn't hold up dinner to long" she said to his mother. She smiled and said " Oh No, its perfect timing every things ready."
They all sat around the table, his father at the head of the table, his mother closest to the kitchen. They sat next to each other. it was a full spread of food, they said grace and plates where passed. While she made her plate, they asked her a few questions. She answered them as simply as she could. She didn't want to let on, that her family life was much different from theirs. Soon talk moved to the farm and she felt relieved. A few times under the table he gave her knee a squeeze. She would look up and smile at him.
After dinner, his mother cleared the dishes from the table and came back with a homemade pie she had baked earlier that day. Sliced it up and served it. She had not ever, even at Christmas seen so much food. After desert his mother again gathered all the plates and returned back into the kitchen. His sister got up from the table to help.
She didn't know if she should offer to help. When his mother returned she asked" can I help you with this?" "Oh no dear you can go out in the living room with everyone else." They all got up from the table and headed out to the living room and watched tv.
On the wall above a chair in the living room was a grouping of pictures. A row of baby pictures under neath was class pictures of each child. His senior picture was proudly displayed with the others. She teased him "When do I get that picture of you?" "if your lucky" he said with a smirk. They spent the next few hours watching tv with his family. They really didn't ask many more questions about her family. Maybe they sensed how uncomfortable it made her. It was starting to get late when he said he would be back that he was going to grab a coat and run her home. He walked down the hall into the back of the house and returned a few minutes later. "Are you ready" he asked. "yes I am ready..It was so nice to meet you all" she said as she walked to the door."Nice to meet you to dear" his mother replied He placed the coat around her shoulders and they walked out, he opened her door and she got in his truck. he held her hand all the way home,they pulled into her driveway, "Your family was very nice" she said looking in his eyes. "Yeah their Okay" and he laughed. The outside light turned on at that point, she could see her father looking through the front door window. "Well I better go in ..I had a nice time me tomorrow?"
"Yes I will" he said as he grabbed her hand. "Here..I got something for you" in his hand was his senior picture.."but you can't read the back till you get in the house" he said with a slight laugh. "Okay I wont" she said and opened the door and walked into the house stopping in front of the door waving good bye. He drove out of the drive way and she walked into the house.Her father was no longer in the living room, so she walked to her bedroom flipped on the light and turned the picture over ..and read the sweeties words ..

To the girl I love.

She could barely hold her excitement and ran from her bedroom into her mothers room. " Mom..wake up" Her mother turned on her bed side lamp said, "what is it?" she showed the picture to her mother .."look at what he wrote" her mother turned the picture over the back. "that's sweet hun" she smiled and said "He loves me Mom!" She took her picture and went to her bedroom and looked at for the longest time before falling asleep.

He loved her too...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Her Story... part 2

The First Date..

She spent the following day filled with nervous excitement. She had never really gone out on a real date before. The guy's she had dated where her own age and they didn't drive a car. They where mostly a date to a school dance or Friday night's football game. She had a boy friend once in the eighth grade, but they never really went out on any real dates.
Since school let out for the summer she had slimmed down quite a bit without really trying. So she felt very good about herself. She spent the day watching the clock and primping for that night.
He was picking her up at eight pm. They where going to get something to eat then meet up with a group of his friends over at the old omo road, gravel pits. She had never been there before but she knew about the place. It was where a lot of high school kids went to party, guy's with trucks went to get their trucks dirty playing in the mud.

Around quarter to eight she went out and sat on the porch to wait. Before long his big red truck pulled up ..he jumped down out of his truck, walked around to the passenger side and opened the door for her .."ready to go?" he asked. She smiled said "yep all ready." Without a second thought she jumped into the cab of his truck and they where off.

The conversation was awkward at first, he was really shy. So she brought up the night before .."So did your brother have fun last night playing his little joke on me?" He laughed then said "I am sorry about that." She replied, "ohh no big deal it was kinda funny after the fact" they both laughed. After that the conversation went much smoother.
He then turned and asked so.."where do you want to eat?" She replied, "Oh don't really matter to me, I am not that hungry so do you just wanna grab a burger?" "Sure he said, sounds good."
So they drove to the local burger place and grabbed some burgers to go.

After getting their food they drove out to the pits. It was early so not a lot of people where there yet, so they drove back off the road and parked next to a large pond. He turned off the truck but left the radio playing. They talked and ate their burgers and watched the sun go down over the pond, listening to music.
By the time their food was gone, so was the sun.

Before long some people gathered. A bonfire was started. He spotted a friends truck and we drove over to the spot where his friends would gather..
He jumped down out of the truck walking around her side and helped her down out of his truck. He grabbed a blanket from behind the seat and also two beers from a cooler he had in the back of his truck. He lead her over to the bonfire where he laid the blanket out and they sat watched the fire,talked and she slowly drank her beer.
Before long a group had gathered around the fire, He introduced her to many of his friends.
The passenger from the first night they met was there , he was the life of the party just as she thought he would be. Two of his brothers where there too . The one she had met the night before and a younger one, who also drove a truck. They spent the night talking amongst friends and each other.

The gathering started to break up around one am. The fire was almost out and it started getting cold. He took his coat off and placed it around her shoulders. They stayed a bit longer just watching what was left of the fire and talking back and forth, about nothing in particular. When most of the group had left they decided to head out too.. He again opened her door for her and she jumped in his truck and he drove her back to where she was staying. As they pulled into the parking spot, he turned to her and said he had a great time and would like to see her again ..she agreed with a smile.

She wanted him to kiss her good night ..the anticipation of that first kiss was growing within her. But instead of a kiss he asked, "can I call you tomorrow?" she said yes and he jumped down out of his truck and opened her door and walked her to the front door and said good night. She said good night and turned and floated up the stairs to the apartment she was staying. She was filled with happiness, She had never met a guy like him and could not wait till see him again.

From that point on..
They spent every free moment together. Her baby sitting job was perfect because when she made plans, she could get her girl friends to sit for her. The single women who she was living with was quite cool about it all. They spent a lot of times hanging out with his friends which soon became her friends too. Soon they where seeing each other every weekend.
Weeks after their first date they had plans to go to a party at a friends place. He picked her up around eight pm, opened the door for her as usual but sitting on the cab of his truck was a brown stuffed bear with a big red heart in its paws. She smiled looking up and him, thanking him. He smiled back and then reached out and took her hand, helping her into the truck. He closed the door, walked around to the drivers side and jumped in the cab. He started his truck and off they went. They got down the street when he reached out and held her hand, for the very first time. She turned, looked up at him and smiled. They held hands all the way to his friends place. She smiled within, he did like her in that way. She had started to wonder, they had gone on quite a few dates at this point.
His hands where callused from working on his families farm, But she didn't mind. His hand holding her's was like magic. She had never felt so happy,so right. As he drove, she gazed at their hands. How his hands completely covered hers, her gaze moved up his tanned muscular arms. To his tight black t-shirt, up to his light blue eyes...
what ever happen at tonight's party it wouldn't compare to this moment..
she knew she was falling in love.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Her Story ...part 1

There she sat listening to the preacher, she felt as if every word he spoke was directed towards her.
His sermon that day was on unconditional love..
He preached about the choices she need to make
how she should want everything for those she loved
He spoke about needing to let go of those we love so they may spread their wings achieve their dreams.
She finds herself gazing down at her husbands wedding ring ..
When the service comes to an end she excuses her self to the rest room just in time to make it to the stall before she burst into tears.
she sits in the corner of the stall cradling her legs in her arms..and sobs
After a few minutes she finds the strength to pull herself wipe her tears..dust off her dress and walk back out to the family waiting for her.
She puts on her happy face and joins them as she reaches her husbands side she reaches out and touches
his hand wrapping her fingers tightly around his.

They have been married several years by this point, married in this same church by the same preacher.
She had the fairy tale that she read about as a child ...a strong family oriented man, hard working and loyal man ..He had bigger dreams then she could ever imagine having but she knew he would always want to stay with her..
but if he did would he have all those dreams he was chasing?

One of their biggest shared dreams was to have a child. For months she had been visiting doctor after doctor to figure out why she was not getting pregnant. When she recently found an answer to her problem. Doctors informed her that she would probably never have a child of her own. Even with hormone treatments her chances where slim. She knew how important family was to his dreams and now she would never to able to give him that. She didn't even know how to tell him ..
so she kept it to herself ..that day in the church she felt as if her secret was eating at her soul. How could she take the dreams away of someone she loved so much?

how long could she keep this secret from the man she loved..she felt it was so wrong to hide the truth. They had been through so much together over the years.

They met when she was sixteen a casual accouter turned her whole life into a new direction.. Their connection happen in an instant one look into each others eyes and they both knew they found love.

He was the quiet shy type the oldest son of a local farming family. Sunday dinners after church where the whole family attended was the norm, The families four sons all of them worked on the family farm. It was nothing like her family experience. Her family was emotionally broken, the bond his family shared was unfamiliar to her. She never did feel as if she fit in ..though she tried.
Family was his number one priority it became apparent right away many times she felt neglected by his time away helping family but admired it in him just the same.

She tried very hard to be a good wife to him. Thou being a wife ..the roll of a wife that he expected was not one she ever had an example of ..her own mother and father had an explosive relationship. Her father had abused her mother and two of her siblings. Her mother walked threw life in a deep depression, barely paying attention to her most her early years. After years of abuse and feeling neglected, her mother had an affair with her father's friend. Even at her young age, she knew of her mother's affair. She watched as her mother would lite up when ever her father's friend would drop by. There was no mistaking the attraction between them.

A few years before meeting Him, her parents had divorced and she was left to stay with her mother after a lengthy custody fight. The year she met him, her father had suffered a stroke and he returned back home to live with her and her mother. Her mother's lover had never left his wife for her mother . The relationship between her parents became impossible to be around. Many times she wished she had the courage to run away from it all.

The summer she turned sixteen she finally got her wish. She got a job over the summer being a live in baby sitter to a single women with two small kids. Her parents to wrapped up in their own lives to really care much ..she jumped at the chance. This is when she met Him, on a warm summer night hanging out with her friends. They meet after her friends screamed and yelled at two guy's driving through town. To their surprise the truck turned around and headed back to the spot they where hanging out. Her friends basically took off running leaving her sitting on the front porch, with no where to hide.

As the truck pulled up, her heart was pounding. She was so pissed at her friends for ditching her. In the cab of the truck was two guys, the passenger did most the talking, while the guy driving was quiet and kinda shy. She could see his face ..his eyes where so blue ..he had dark hair and broad shoulders, tan muscular arms.
They appeared to be in their early twenties. She stayed on the porch as the two men got out of their truck and walked over. They asked her her name and she told them as her friends started to return from their hiding spots. They spent most the evening talking, the two guys and a group of her friends. When the night came to an end and it was time to go in ..they said their good bye's and she didn't know if she would see him again..

The very next night she was taking a walk down to the laundry mat when a black truck drove by honking it's horn. She looked up to see a guy with the same blue eyes from the night before. She smiled and waved as she walked into the laundry mat. As she finished up her laundry she kept thinking about him ..the truck he was in was a different one from the night before ..but she was pretty sure it was him. As she walked out of the laundry mat there in front was the black truck from earlier parked. He jumped out his truck and said "hello" she laughed and said "well hi there". He looked a bit different but when they met it was pitch black the night before. She asked him about his truck knowing it was a different truck then the night before. He laughed said "ohh that was my brothers truck". Sounded like a reasonable explanation to her...they stood there talking for a few minutes, when he finally asked her for her phone number. She wrote it down on a napkin he had in his glove department. This meeting he seemed different ..a lot less shy. He kept laughing a lot too, she didn't know what to make of it all.
After a few minutes of talking a blare of a horn sounded as the truck from the night before drove by. She looked at him confused and he let out a big laugh. Soon enough the truck pulled in behind the other and a guy walked up said "hello" and then looked right at the guy and said "what are you doing?" he replied "ohh just having a bit of fun with your new friend".
At this point she was totally confused when he explained that he was his brother not the guy she had met the night before. They had a good laugh at her expense.

He offered to drive her back home but it was not a far walk to where she was staying. So they walked ..he carried her laundry back to her porch and asked her out for the next night.
She agreed

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